Proof Positive

Graphic design for print and much more

We love a challenge. You couldn’t stay in this business for as long as we have if you didn’t. There are some companies that believe there is a formula to delivering marketing solutions for their customers. Here at Proof Positive, if we’ve learnt anything over the past 30 years is that every client, every campaign, every marketing problem is unique. By recognising this we bring a clear perspective to every new challenge – we assume nothing. We listen and we learn. Of course, it helps that we bring a wealth of experience to the table but ultimately we know that your situation is unique to you.

Branding, ad campaigns, corporate literature, websites, digital implementation, we’re kept busy with ongoing client work.

We are open to briefs for any type of project. If we feel we can deliver, we’ll respond. If we feel we can’t, then we’ll tell you that too.

Initial enquiries to C4B please, then talk to us.