Convert your spare capacity or stock into real usable budgets and purchasing power now!

1. What do you want to buy?

Identify what you wish to buy from the Contra Network without using precious cash budgets.

You know your business so you tell us.

Ask yourself, what would you do if you had an extra budget of €5K, €10K or €20K?

What about that radio advertising you would never risk a cash budget on?

or a leaflet drop?  Maybe a new website, some quality branded clothing or a new printed brochure?

2. What do you want to sell?

Identify your spare capacity or stock. It may be hotel rooms, restaurant covers, radio airtime, courier space, printing capacity or excess or slow moving stock.

Either way it is not earning revenue so use it now by selling on Contra.

We advertise, market & promote your product / service and special offers via:

  • Online marketplace
  • Newsletter – ContraNews
  • Account managers
  • Phone & email promotions
  • and much, much more

You cannot sell last night’s empty hotel rooms tonight!

You cannot utilise yesterday’s print or production downtime today!

Nobody can buy last week’s unsold radio advertising time or freight capacity!

It is gone. It is lost revenue. It is a wasted asset

Don’t lose it…Use it!

3. Join and start trading

Start getting quotes & get buying and selling on the network.

You are now acquiring what you need without using precious cash budgets – and paying back by making your product or service available to other Contra Members.

Ask yourself one simple question. – If you needed €10,000 worth of printing or radio advertising, would you prefer to pay with €10,000 cash in 30 days or €10K worth of your stock or service over time when it suited you? If the answer is yes, now ask yourself, WHY?

Much better cash flow… by simply using less of it

Lower costs… buying with your product or service means buying at your cost of sales.

Sales to new customers…
It’s not just about saving money and freeing up cash.

Every time you buy, you are guaranteed sales to new customers. You buy from us…we buy from you. “The ultimate loyalty program”

“Contra 4 Business genuinely makes us more efficient and improves our bottom line – No problem recommending it”
John O’Loughlin – Director
Aluset Persona


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4. Contra Euro’s instead of cash Euro’s

Our unique Digital Currency.

The Contra Euro™ provides endless flexibility and cuts out the need, limitations and risks of direct exchange. When you buy, your Contra Account is debited with the value of your purchases… when you sell, your account is credited – just like a bank account…just without the actual money.

Stop relying on cash to sustain and grow your business. The Contra Euro represents your product / service It is the currency which is backed by your ability to supply, not your bank balance.

It is a great way to convert spare advertising capacity into real spending power and adds positively to our bottom line. Highly recommended.
John McGee – Publisher
Irish marketing Journal


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