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This unique trading system is specifically designed to help businesses reduce cash expenditure, improve cash flow, reduce costs, maximise sales and marketing opportunities and be more profitable. Open a Contra Account today and start using less precious cash and more of the hidden asset and currency in your business – your stock or spare capacity.

Contra 4 Business saves us a lot of cash outlay, reduces our costs and brings new SME advertisers to radio who may otherwise not do so.
Highly recommended

Sean Ashmore, CEO
Classic Hits 94 – 105FM

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Reduce cash outlay & improve cash flow

Finance a variety of business needs with zero cash budgets such as advertising, marketing, printing, motor maintenance & hire, gift vouchers, furniture and much more with your own spare capacity or stock.

Reduce costs


Buying with your product or service means buying at your cost of sales, which equates to a discount equal to your Gross Profit Margin.

Increase sales to new Customers.


“You buy from us! We buy from you!” – The exchange process means Guaranteed Sales to new customers.

All kinds of businesses are part of the Contra Membership base

The core of the Contra System is the local business owner and already we have saved our Members Millions of euro’s in cash outlay and precious budgets and generated similar values in incremental sales.
Below is a small sample of some of the names you may recognize

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