The lingering Covid legacy, Ukraine and increased business costs along with ever increasing living costs threatening consumer spending power are all creating a distorted and unreadable near-future for many business owners.  In a word, Uncertainty!  We hate it.  It stops us planning strategically and forces us to be optimistic with just short term educated guesswork and experience as our guide.

Getting back on a steady recovery track, re-building sales, customer bases, cash flow must be the dearest wish of most SME owners right now.

Thinking a little left field and outside the box may be the way to increase your reach to new customers and a wider market for your products or services.  If you have identifiable spare services capacity or stock, now is a the time to start selling it on your Contra Account, generating sales to new customers and earning Contra Euro’s which you can then use to grow and sustain your business, so if you are not yet a member, join here now