NEW! Admobiles from Promogroup

Serious brand awareness

Admobiles – If you want to generate a high impact campaign to a vast audience very quickly in a specific area, there is no other medium which can do this more cost effectively.  Get your brand and message into an area was soon as you need to, for as long as you need to and no more, with maximum impact and zero waste.  Admobile Mobile Billboards carry very large 48 sheet ( 20ft X 10ft ) professionally designed and printed posters.

Our trucks can be moved at a moments notice to a new location in order to catapult your business’s success.

Our mobile 48 sheet billboards create an impact wherever they go. Our Advertising vans can also carry up to 6 Promobikes in the back. The combination of Admobiles and Promobikes in a concentrated location ensures maximum exposure.

Combine Admobiles with up to 6 Promobikes for even greater and more specific regional penetration.

All initial enquiries and bookings strictly via Contra 4 Business