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Every day business owners and managers just like you use their Contra Account with a common purpose; to upgrade their businesses with a new range of options and opportunities. Contra members understand the power of the collective, the potential in the Sharing Economy. Here are a few of their stories.

Jonathan Barker – Dublin’s Sunshine Radio

” Radio advertising / airtime is a time sensitive asset.  We use it or we lose it.  The Contra system is an excellent way to convert spare capacity into budgets for needs.  We increase sales to new customers, reduce cash budget requirements and cut costs.  A no brainer”.

John McGee – Irish Marketing Journal

“Contra 4 Business is a very good B2B trading network.  It is a great way to convert spare advertising capacity into real spending power and adds positively to our bottom line.  I would be happy to recommend it to any business looking to join”

John O Loughlin – Director. Aluset / Persona

“Here at Persona, we handle print & mail solutions for some of Ireland’s biggest companies and government departments.  With more than 70 employees, the nature of our business means that we will always have spare print capacity no matter how busy we get.  Contra 4 Business is the best possible way to sell that capacity and generate revenue from it.  We use our membership to buy a wide range of needs and it genuinely makes us more efficient and improves our bottom line – No problem recommending it”

Dianna Sheridan – All Shades Blinds – President – Wicklow Chamber of Commerce

“An excellent trading system.  Lots of products & services.  The big difference for us is that paying on Contra takes the “Cash Flow” risk out of buying, particularly advertising where you can’t predict how soon your ROI will work.  We can now take a risk in trying out new promotional ideas because the cash flow and cost impact have been significantly reduced.  It also gets us new customers in Dublin and other areas we would not normally reach.  It has made a huge difference – Excellent”.

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