“YOU BUY FROM US – WE BUY FROM YOU” – The ultimate B2B loyalty programme

When was the last time your suppliers purchased anything from you?

You treat suppliers as just that, suppliers.  You negotiate a price, make sure the product / service, delivery etc is as it should be, pay them and that is that until a better offer comes along.

Now imagine if your supplier called you and said that on top of good pricing, quality and service they agreed that, because you are a customer, they would buy at least the same value in your product(s) or service(s) that you buy from them?    For example, you own a restaurant and you need €10K worth of printing and €10K worth of radio advertising.  You negotiate a price etc and then both the printer and radio station agree that they will each use at least €10K value in your restaurant and will continue to match your purchases value with bookings as long as you are purchasing from them.

Sounds bonkers or impossible?  Think again.  This is exactly what happens when you buy on your Contra Account – The ultimate B2B loyalty programme.  Guaranteed sales to new customers who have never purchased from you before.

So its not just about cash flow and cost savings.  Its all about more sales to more customers and opening a door to a whole new market for your business.

“You Buy from us…We buy from you”

Join Contra 4 Business today and start saving, improving cash flow and converting your supplier base into a customer base tomorrow.

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