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Advertise in The Echo, Dublins only “Paid For” local newspaper.
Promote your business to more than 30000 West and South West Dubliner’s with The Echo Newspaper group.
The Echo is Dublin’s only sold ABC audited newspaper covering South and South West Dublin with a 10k newspaper distribution and a readership of 30k every Thursday and situated in the biggest suburban area in Dublin.
The Echo Online is also gaining huge momentum with more than 194,000 unique visitors, 552,000 page views per month and 30,000 Facebook followers
“The main driving force behind The Echo is the local community and we greatly value their loyalty and commitment and as part of our gratitude we carry out lots of local promotions throughout the year.”
Four dedicated regional editions out every Thursday in Tallaght, Clondalkin, Lucan & Ballyfermot
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