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Since 2002, EWT have provided Water Softeners, Water Filters and Water Coolers all over the Ireland.

Over 100,000 people depend on EWT for their Water Treatment equipement. We’re proud of our success and owe it to exceeding your expectations and putting you at the centre of everything we do.

Our customers refer friends every day and because of that we can continue to offer you great value on our range of market leading products.

EWT Model E608 Gold (Metered Large)

Our EWT E608 Gold Metered Large water softener is designed for well water supplies or waters with a lot of turbity, this large unit has a coventional free board design and incorporates our efficient electronic demand regenertion controlsThe E608 Gold metered controlled water softener removes 100% limescale from your water and comes with EWTs 15 years parts warranty.Removes 100% Limescale from you water.

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