Blog your way to more hits & sales with WriteBright Professional Blog Writers

The primary driving purpose of a blog today is to place our websites up higher and higher in the search engine pages.

Second to that is the ability; through a blog to be able to give your audience new information; the sort of information it would be impractical to change everyday in the physical body of your web site.

Starting a blog is relatively easy. Keeping it regularly updated with real; live; informative and well targeted information is the hard bit and where we at WriteBright come in.

Special Blog packages now available:

One-off; short blog articles up to 200 words @ C€40
Weekly blog update @ C€35 per blog (minimum 6 month period; 26 weeks)

TR€850 per package – Normally €1000
Weekly blog updates includes one weekly blog entry or short article based on your industry up to 200 words.
Other writing packages also available on C4B

Initial enquiries and bookings strictly via C4B