Start your career as Nail Technician with our ITEC / VTCT Manicure & Pedicure Certificate
Students will be able to understand, explain and demonstrate the use of the following products and tools: emery boards, cuticle massage creams and oils, cuticle ‘hoof stick’ tipped orangewood stick. Cuticle nippers, buffers, pumice rasp, nail enamels, dark colours and French manicure.


  • Cuticle massage, creams and oils
  • Emery boards
  • Cuticle ‘hoof stick’ tipped orangewood stick
  • Cuticle nippers, buffers, pumice rasp
  • Nail enamels, dark colours
  • Gel (Shellac) and Acrylic Nails
  • French manicure.
  • Foot and lower leg massage
  • Exfoliation and masque.
  • Recognize skin diseases, disorders

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